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Qualitative Forcer With His Hands

High inlet resistance and low-lying LOs are the main secret of warm bulb sound. It's no secret to anyone that the lamps have the highest-quality and expensive militants that belong to the HI-End category. Let's see what a quality surgeon is? Qualitative is entitled to be called the NF power vigilator, who completely repeats the form of the inlet signal at the exit without distorting it, of course the output signal is already reinforced. There are several schemes of truly high-quality vigilators that are eligible for HI-End and are not necessarily bulbic. In order to obtain the maximum quality, a vigilant whose output cascade works in clean class A. The maximum linearity of the diagram gives a minimum margin of exit distortion, and therefore the construction of high-quality boosters pays particular attention to this factor. Lamp schemes are good, but are not always available even for self-assembly, and industrial UML lamps from brand producers range from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of United States dollars - that is certainly not the price for many.
The question arose whether similar results could be achieved from tranzistory schemes?

Line and superline Power schematics The capacity of the NH is large, but the scheme that will be considered today is a high-quality ultralined scheme that is implemented in only four tranches. The scheme was established in a distant 1969, by a British sound engineer John Linsley-Hood. The author is the creator of several other high-quality schemes, in particular of Class A. Some of the spectacles call this the most qualitative among the transistor UHF, and I saw it a year ago.

Chart features

Самый качественный усилитель звукаDespite the simplicity, the scheme has several features. The correct mode of operation may be disrupted by the improper dispensation of fees, the failure of components, inadequate food, etc.
The nutrition is a particularly important factor - it is extremely important not to supply the force to all possible power units, the best option for the battery or the power unit with a parallel battery.
The power of the booster is 10 watt with 16 Volt over load 4 Om. The chart itself can be adapted for head 4, 8 and 16 Om.

Самый качественный усилитель звука Самый качественный усилитель звука Самый качественный усилитель звука
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