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With His Hands

In this article, we will talk about one of the options for an improvised power force based on Master Keith modules. The project has been implemented by the user of our products.

The design consists of four main functional units:

(1) The power-energy (MP3106S, D-Class, 2x40W);
2. Digital volume and balance regulator (MP1231);
3. Digital indicator of signal level MP1054;
(4) The power supply of 12B to the current of at least 4A (the author used the computer feeding unit).

Acoustics were used by a well-known S-90 Acoustic Radio Technician (stereo two columns).
The installation of the modules is shown in the figure:

It should be borne in mind that the quality of the power source depends on the system-wide noise level. Particular attention should be paid to the use of computer blocks. It is better to use the good firm ATX-blocks because in most cheap no-name of the power units, conventional circuits are installed instead of filter throttles, which severely affect sound quality.

There are some subtle connections of the modules that may cause difficulties for underdeveloped electronics. For example, the default power MP3106S implies a balancing mode of connectivity, but it is often easier to switch the input signal from the classical diagram with the common ground.

This requires a slight modification of the mounting connection:

In addition to the above-mentioned basic modules, the purchase of " mechanics " : entry and weekends, diet switch, fastening.

The prototype of the future hull was a common cardboard box from under the shoe.

In this improvised body, the whole system was built. After refining, all components were moved to the wooden hull.

It sounds like a decent system: without screaming, no discernible failures in the frequency range. Of course, the melomans may find some flaws, but for such demanding customers, they produce ready machines and acoustic HI-FI systems (at the same HI-FI prices). But experience shows that 90% of people can't distinguish the sound of an expensive light bulb from a budget plug, but why pay more? Especially with your hands. The design always seems like the best!

The force maquet video can be seen here:

The work of the final booster can be seen here:

In addition, the assembled force has been very beautiful and original: a real wooden hull, an effective lighting signal of signal levels, it's all really turning!

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