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Computer Columns

Вот такой вот вопрос - почему нету звука?Imagine a situation like you usually include a computer, but instead of a pleasant overwhelming melody, you're only welcome by a rolling system unit. No sound on the computer! What do we do? Computer sound♪ You, in the silence of your dynamics, come on the Internet and introduce a cherished question: "Why there's no sound on the computer." This article addresses the main causes and ways of addressing them. You'll find out the answer to your question, namely, a fascinating sound recovery on the computer.

The reason for the lack of sound on the computer can only be in the hardware or software. I mean, you either have faulty components or you have problems in operating system structures or separate programmes.Включены ли колонки - обычно на одной из них горит лампочка питания It doesn't depend on the operating system. Such casuses may happen to Windows XP, sound may be missing in Linux and even in the latest Windows 7. The columns, headphones and audible map can be the most modern and expensive.

First thing we need to figure out the reason for the missing sound on the computer. It can be done in a few ways, and it should start from the simplest.

Отключен звук на рабочем столе. Нажать на эмблему динамикаSo, re-establishing the sound of the puzzle. Every next step will bring you closer to the outcome.

(1). Try rebooting the computer, maybe the sound will appear at the start of the operating system. It happens.

2. See if the boxer's in the box. When it's off, put the box in the socket.

(3). Check the switch on the columns. Turn the sound on the columns by turning the controller by clockwise. The lights shall be burned in the column with the regulator ' s handle (with almost all models).

Причину неработающего звука можно обнаружить в диспетчере задач

(4). Look at the challenge panel and find the dynamics badge. He's not gonna be overwhelmed. If that's the case, just put the sound on the button, "Turn the sound."

5). Check the dynamics, maybe down to zero. If the sound's depressed, it's just to raise the silk to the right level.

(6). Check the convoys on any sound source. On the player, on the phone, on another computer. Another computer could be your laptop or your comrade.

Когда пропал звук, возможно стоит восстановить систему с точки восстановления. Вдруг звук появится.(7) Check the control device for unknown devices. Such a device shall be displayed with an adjective badge. The device ' s control device may be opened: Pusk - Main Control - System and Safety - Main In the " System " , find the word " Dispatch of Devices " . All devices there shall be identified in this window, there shall be no inclination. If there's such a badge, we'll have to put a diver on the sound.

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