Ламповый усилитель PP-2A3

Lamp Forces With Their Hands

Some recommendations received in the process of studying materials.
  • Don't ever set up the electrolytes before the end, between them and the fee, there must be a small gap. The thing is, when the rations are warmed up and extended, the leg rests, and, when stacked, it can just fall off the lining. Given that the heating-death process is taking place regularly in the lamp assiliator, attention should be drawn to this point.
  • The spring and power transformer chassis is perpendicular to reduce mutual influence.
  • Introductory audio dishes shall be removed from the chassis in order to prevent the possibility of the introduction of the Earth ' s hinges on signal lines. If it's screened, it's only on one side.
  • Order spare parts to avoid logic delays and save delivery.
  • And most importantly, be careful with the purchase of kits on ebay.

One of the problems that had to be encountered was the choice of transformers (force and weekends) - it was difficult to buy a transformer with the required voltages if the 110-and volt version was generally available to American relayers, the converter for 220V should be ordered from the producer and wait 45-60 days. Moreover, they are quite heavy and the cost of delivery from the United States is almost double the cost of the order. Fortunately, a suitable version (Hammond 374BX) has been found in Germany, which has made it possible to save significantly on delivery and to order a throttle (industrial) to be used in the output filter of the power unit. The first mistake, by ordering induction, I picked up a resistance, completely forgetting the flow, which resulted in a 100ma meltdown instead of the minimum required 170ma, had to go back to a simpler and less quality version of the RC filter and purchase an appropriate wireless chair, and change the chair to the cable if you want, at any time. With output transformers, it was easier, only Transcendar had adequate delivery dates, and the TT-119 model approached all parameters.

Finally, the point was when all the kits were received, the free time was marked and nothing prevented it from seeing how it would work. In violation of all safety regulations, all connections were made right on the table before the monitor.

An old LG-P500 was invited to serve as a signal source, as a column - Speakers from Music Centreit took some red isolate and some courage. Taadaaam, the inclusion took place, nothing exploded, the lights turned out to be a beautiful orange light... and silence, more precisely, if you put your ear in the column, you could even hear music in the background of noise, but it wasn't the warm bulb sound I was hoping to hear.

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