Carman Head Force

imageI'd like to talk about a little bit underneath the cat, but it's a pretty good headache.
So, for starters, a little predicament: as a student, and without much money, I spent a long time digging on a player and headphones, and the joy of mine was not enough when I finally bought myself the cherished Cowon D2+ and Kosss Porta Pro. There wasn't a limit until the sale and audition. It turns out these headphones don't reach the diaper, you don't have any basss, no detailed high frequency. It's kind of unpleasant. For a while, I went out and sold them, buying Fischer Equilibrium. I don't want to throw a stone in the garden of the pitchers, they're beautiful, but I wanted to see the cos.
And after a while, I suddenly find out that there are things like portable forces. For a long time, looking and counting, stopped at the Chinese FiiO firm.
I didn't trust our mail very much, and even if I didn't want to wait a few weeks, I was looking to see if we could buy them from us in Peter. Turns out I didn't. But there's a man that these very E3s drive from abroad, and the next day, I was the owner of a little white box with a motto.


  • Surface resistance:16 Om - 300 Om
  • Output capacity:120 mW(16 Om); 70 mW(32 Om); 12 mW(300 Om)
  • Prospects: PER 0.05% (10 mW)
  • Signal/Sum: ≥ 90 dB (weighted)
  • Private range: 10 Hz - 40 kHz.
  • Nutrition: 1 AAA battery
  • Diarrhoids: 55 mm(D) x23 mm x 14, 5 mm(B)
  • Weight: 11g (without battery)
  • Body material: plastic
  • Colour: Black or White

imageExternal view and internal

A small set is a mouse, a wire of 3.5-3.5 15cm and a maculature. The battery was cut, but the batteries aren't short.

So what does this little box look like?
It's a miniature parallelepiped with two entrances down and down. Both at 3.5 mm. The outlet with the headphone badge has a red diode that burns after the headphone strikes. AAA battery door side.
No buttons, no switches, no headphones.
It's plastic, glanky. He scratched on the first day, but given his life in his pocket, there's no special difference.

The internal strength is National Semiconductor LM4917. Honestly, it doesn't tell me anything, but if anyone does, it might play a role.


Well, now it's the main thing.
Since there was no opportunity to try Porta Pro right away with the forcer, I put my Equilibrium in there. Friends, it was a pity. The sound was very distorted, became very loud and artistic. I've already been suspicious of the bad, but I'm lucky that my girlfriend's coming from Porta Pro, because I borrowed them for days.
And that was a real holiday! The sound was almost like my Asus Xonar - clear, juicy, with great basses. It feels like low frequencies are getting a little deeper (by 5-6 Db) and I'm, like their fan, just glad.
As for the sound-up, it's almost gone. I mean, if I used to listen to 30/50 loudspeakers, it's 25/50. It's worth talking here that I'm mostly listening to trailer music and a little rock, like the other genres are going to be, I can't say.
There are, however, places (there are few cranes) when small artifacts begin to appear on such a volume. And the louder and closer to maximum, the stronger they get. However, this can be written for the quality of mp3. I didn't find flac problems like that.
The player's battery seems to have decided not to be discharged, I don't remember the last time I put it on the charge. And the force itself is sitting pretty fast in 10 to 12 hours.
Another minus is that the box itself, despite the miniature size, is pretty stiff in my pocket, so I took the clip from some kind of garment and attached it to the hull. Now I'm not blending on the belt and wire.
In order to prejudge the disputes concerning E3 and E5, I say that they are almost identical by sound, they are basically different by appearance: E5 has its own battery, the other hull and the cloth.

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