Electrical Mic

RADIO 2004 No. 7

The proposed energy for the electric microphone has a practically symmetrical point exit on the next symmetrical militant with a symmetrical inlet, getting the phantom power on the connection wires.

As is well known, microphones are connected to the balance (symmetrical) induction machines, allowing the use of relatively long lines without a visible influence on external sources of interference. For the condensing microphone, the polarizing voltage (usually 48 V) comes through the inlet of the pulse power unit.

Condensator microphones relative to the road, and in amateur practice, it is often possible to replace them with electric microphones. Such small-scale electric microphones are generally used in wireless Shure, Sennheizer, AKG or in a sound recording household. The microphone is a structure in which built and strengthened The microphone suite with the relatively low entrance of the next device. There's a thin and flexible cable out of the capsule, two on the screen.

If there is a need to use an electric microphone, for example, as a sounder for a string or spiritual instrument, it is not necessarily necessary to use a radio channel. This microphone can be reconciled with the symmetric microphone entrance of the Miksher Pult through an uncomplicated device that is also feeded through the inlet.

The concordant ensemble (the diagram is shown in the figure) is inextricably connected to the WM1 microphone, which prevents its arbitrary disengagement during the operation, causing a voltage drop throughout the mounting channel and a loud latch in the acoustic system. The microphone receives food through R1 from transistors VT1 and VT2 the signal from the microphone reaches the entrance of the differential cascade (VT1) through the C1 condenser. The balance sheet shall be placed at the microphone entrance of the microphone inlet of the micro-storms VT1 and VT2.

It also has a power supply for the whole device: directly to the transistors of VT1, VT2 and through the R5 and R6 rubbers on the base circuits of the differentiational cascade.

To stabilize the stress of the basic shift, the stabistor is used from six successive silicon diedes. They have a stable voltage of about 3, 6 V. The use of the stabilized route is undesirable because noise levels are increasing markedly.

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