Качественный усилитель звука

How To Get The Surgeon With His Hands

Фото усилителя на LM3886When I packed up my powerful self-propelled four-small columns, the forcer couldn't unload that load, so it was decided to collect a more powerful forcer. I've developed a power-energy scheme that uses two LM3886 microschems on the canal in a parallel circuit. On the 8th load, the exhaust power of the force is approximately 50 Wattt, 4x 100 Wattt. This silenor uses four microchems of LM3886.

Jeff Rowland, in some of his Hi-Fi designs, uses LM3886 and has good feedback. So a low-cost surgeon can be qualitative, too!

The LM3886 microschem is included under the non-invertible vigilant pattern. The HF input resistance depends on R1 (47 kOm).Печатная плата усилителя R20 (680 Om) and C20 condenser (470 PF) form a high frequency filter at the RCA inlet. C4 and C8 (220 pF) capacitors serve to filter PM at the LM3886 microschems.

I used high-quality capacitors in some locations: C1 (1 μgF) Auricap to filter the constant ingredient, C2 and C6 (100 μgF) "Blackgate" and C12, C16 (1000 μgate).

Печатная плата усилителяThe schematic schema of the forcer is given below.

Printing has been developed taking into account the separation of power and signals. Signal land is in the middle and surrounded by powerful land. They're connected to the C-5 by a thin road. The design of the printers was carried out in PADS PowerPCB 5.0.

Фото готовой платы

I didn't make my own print, I gave it to the firm. When he took her, he discovered that some openings were less than the necessary. I've already done it by hand. There's a picture below that.

The 1KO and 20KOms were manually collected to 0.1 per cent. I used six Nominal 1 Om 0.5 Watt 1 per cent as a day-to-day surgeon, because the 3rd Wattt 1 per cent is problematic.

I used an isolated version of the microschem - LM3886 TF, so I directly joined the hull and the radiator through the thermal conductor.

Auricap 1mkF 450B. A high-quality condenser was purchased because it is involved in the main signal chain.

HF-filter: "Silver Mica" 47pF and 220pF.

The nutrient condenser "Blackgate" was used in the feeding filter.

Conders C2 and C6, too, Blackgate, are nominal 100mkF 50B. Better use bipolar condensers for better results, but I used electrolytes because bipolars wouldn't be paid.

Фото усилителя LM3886 TF на радиаторе Конденсатор Auricap Конденсаторы Silver Mica
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