Unch With His Hands

A simple mono of 20 Wt (or 10 W stereo) collected on the TDA2005 microchem does not require fixation. It only takes a little time to assemble and mount in the hull if it so desires.

The technical characteristics of the booster for TDA2005 are as follows:

  • Nutrition voltage (B).6-18
  • Net output (A). 3
  • Bottom mode (mA).75
  • Reproduced frequency range (Hz).40-20000
  • Non-linear distortion factor (%). 1
  • Load resistance nominal (Om).3, 2
  • Load resistance minimum (Om).2
  • Net power (W at 18 V).22
  • Input response (mB). 300
  • Rate of increase (Db).50

I'll offer you an article. Three. The option of a mono-energy fee and one option for a stereo-energy.

This militant has proven to be simple, reliable and unbelievable. It is most commonly built into home-made guitar rooms (i.e. suitable for guitars) and also into low-powered automobile magnets (especially in the 1990s). Let the phrase "multiple power" not scare you, the coefficient of strengthening this microchem is enough to scare the neighbors. It's just 20 Vts for the motorway now is really nothing compared to the kilowattts and dynamics from which the full power switches can burst.

Let's start with a paycheck that's the most successful, in my opinion, "ground."

Here's the scheme, the fee, the placement of the parts on the payroll and the details of the booster at TDA2005:

Список деталей на моно усилитель на TDA2005

That's the option with this fee. I've been in my way.

I don't need mirrors.

After the assembly, it was like:

Only a very small radiator in the photo. More is needed for the booster for TDA2005. That's why he was replaced by a larger radiator.

Now we're going to move on to the rest of the printouts.

Second option for the payment of the mono-energy to TDA2005.

How to get a loudspeaker and signal wires:

Third version of the payment of the mono-mobilization fee for TDA2005.

Choose any option : I liked the very first.

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