Сабвуфер корпусной активный со

Abvufer With Built-In Force

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Technical characteristics


30 cm (12)

Frequency range:

21-240 Hz

Nominal capacity:

400 W

Maximum power:

1100 W

Non-linear distortion coefficient:

0.4 per cent


93 dB

Bass level regulator:


Change of phase:


HF input level:

4 V

Diarrhoids (SHVH), mm:


Consumer description

V-like polypropylene cellular fragmentation allows for saturated deep bass. A built-in booster with a controlled PM filter. The default hull of the fazoinvertor type ( " cut " central part of the hull, coupled with red laterals under the skin). Connectivity on the high-level entrance (take the signal from the rear acoustic, i.e. easily connect the active saboopher even to the vehicle ' s state-of-the-art magnetometer without its refinement or replacement). Connection wires and end-of-life bass regulator. The kit also includes the belts - the holder for the stability of the sabvophere in the car trunk.

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