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House Cinema Acoustics

Акустика для домашнего кинотеатра 5.1Acoustic kits for home cinema
If you've decided to buy an acoustic kit for a home cinema, you should know that for a quality view of the video on the home movie theater, there's not enough perfect HD schedule. It is necessary to give the audience the greatest pleasure in viewing the home video, the novel of the rolling of domestic and foreign films, video clips, which train programmes.

Simple columns like a computer for a home movie theater won't work. The sound makes it possible for the scientist to feel as realistic as possible the reality of the domestic cinema on the screen.

To select a qualitative set of acoustics for the home cinema, and then correctly place it and build it, we need to be able to deal with it professionally, the best option is to order a home cinema under the key and get a full service package.

Acoustic compound for home cinema
House cinema columns has a certain configuration (number of columns). The most common configuration is an acoustic set of 5.1 will be best suited to you if the price of the home cinema is relevant. It consists of:
♪ Two front columns;
♪ Two pumps;
- Central column;
- Sabboufer.

Комплекты акустики для домашнего кинотеатра купить
As a more sophisticated option, kits 7.1, 7.2 and 9.1. The cost of such columns is quite high. There are other options, e.g. acoustic kit 2.1, but the best option is a five-channel domestic acoustic for a personal cinema. What are the parameters for a domestic cinema?

House cinema parameters:
- Video information equipment;
- plasma panel (equine) for video surveillance;
Acoustic system;
- immunity equipment;
- Specially equipped space.
By the way, the last paragraph should pay special attention.

House cinema
Selling acoustics for a home cinema is a professional case, and a few tips are from experienced specialists on the characteristics of acoustics for a home cinema:
♪ The space for the home cinema under the key shall have not more than one door, which will be equipped with a special jaw for the removal of noise sources;
♪ Do not use a square or cubic space, a space with a short wall length;
♪ A non-symmetrical wall form, semi-circuit windows is not the best option for a home cinema set;
♪ All modern integrated acoustic options are designed for sound-distribution garmonics.

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