Antenna Militant With His Hands

Антенный усилитель телевизионного сигнала SWA-555/LUXIn the area of unsupervised television signals, an external antenna has to be installed on the mast, with an additional antenna on the vibrator. Installation of an additional booster provides a quality picture on the TV when the TV transmits up to 100 km. Extended Antenna force SWA lines due to high reliability and low price. They are produced at different channels and varying degrees of reinforcement, from 34 to 43 dB in decimeter range and from 10 to 15 dB in m range. In the photo, the SWA-555/LUX.

Адаптер - переходник для питания телевизионного усилителяThe SWA television signal should be filled with a constant voltage of 12 V. There is a schematic solution that allows the power of the coaxial cable to be placed on a television amp. There are special feeding units, adapters and transients, which can meet this challenge. In the picture, one of them.

It's easy to plug such an adapter, one coaxial wire is a cable coming from the antenna in the second, a cable coming to the TV. Adapter's own fork is in the pink. It is not possible to wilt wires when switched on the coaxial wiring adaptor, but it is not possible to disperse the wrong connection.

Catering unit - an antenna aperture

Блок питания для антенны со снятой крышкойIf you open any power unit with an adapter, you'll see a power transformer, four diodes, an electrolytic condenser, a simple condenser, a throttle and a microschem is a voltage stabilizer.

All the details, except the power transformer, are on the printer.

Electrical diagram of the adapter power unit

The nutritional unit presented above in the photograph is the antenna militant dietary adapter assembled in a classical electrical circuit. The network voltage 220 V is supplied to the power transformer T1, which lowers it to 12-15 V. The VD1-VD4 dynamometer straightens the voltage, the C1 electrolytic condenser shall smooth the pulse, after which the constant voltage of about 16 V is applied to the DA1 integrated voltage stabilizer.

Вид краба со снятой крышкой Схема краба на три телевизора Краб подготовлен для модернизации Краб для двух телевизоров

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