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The forcer itself is conditionally composed of four main blocks: the unit that handles the input signal, the power unit of the force itself, the unit that generates the output signal and the driver, of course.

The power supply unit is a group of electrical circuits that generate and regulate the voltage for the power of the various parts of the energy. The bloc that handles the input signal compares the signal that was obtained from the motor vehicle ' s magneticulator with the outlet signal of the forcer to adjust it, as well as to remove the distortions that arise during the reinforcement. Among other things, the cluster serves as an " intermediary " that reinforces the input sound to the level required for further reinforcement in other parts of the force.

Dreiver shares the signal, two different sigals, multiple layers, and adds this signal to the exit control unit. The last in the sound-up line is a backbone processing block, and it's still called an end or an exit cascade. It is this block that most often defines the type of forcer. Audible forces different classes. The definition in a given class is in relation to the effectiveness of the plug, its CPA, and also the distortion of the output signal.

Class A:

The strengths of this class are poorly effective, but the " clean " signal. The CPA is about 20 to 30 per cent. What does that mean? The fact that from a battery consumption of 100 Wt, this plug will give a 20-30 W signal, which is in principle small. The rest of the power is converted into heat, losing to the electrical chain of the forcer. The price of such escalators is high and the power is small, because this class ' s forces are rarely set in automobile audio systems. Lamp forces of this class are sometimes found in very expensive hi-end audio systems.

Class B:

This class has already doubled the performance compared to the previous class, but the distorting at the output signal is significantly higher, which ultimately renders these forces unfit for car audio.

Class C:

The CPD is about 75 per cent of the escalators, which immediately raises this class at the level of effective force, but the level of sound distorting is also increasing when the CPA is upgraded. To enhance the sound in HI-FI audio systems, it is unacceptable.

Class AB:

This class combines the sound purity of Class A, and the efficiency of Class B, which makes these forces the most common Hi-Fi automobile vigilators.

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