Как Собрать Маленький Усилок

How To Make A Sound Surgeon

Как сделать усилитель звука своими руками? Рекомендации по сборке и простая схемаToday ' s audio system is a large number of different devices, instruments and tools. It is not hard to understand that their smooth work and good sound requires a sound-energy. Regrettably, these machines are all sold as separate devices and costly. However, there is no need to be upset because this device can be assembled in the home almost independently. You can collect the instrument with your hands if you know how to treat the pine lamp correctly, and you're dealing with electroshine elements, and you also like doing this kind of thing.

You're gonna need the following tools to assemble the sound plug: Label lamp (pillar), operating force, digital receiver, details for future aggregate hull, several radio-market accessories, active filter and tool kit.

Given personal experience in handling electrical appliances, you know, to collect any device, possibly in several ways. The instrument you collect is of the same type. The process of implementation depends on the design power on which the master calculates and on the instrument assembly.Cхема усилителя звука своими руками It is very useful that there is a large number of options available on the Internet for this type of instrument, so the master has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate.

Prepare a plan of action before the work begins, and compile a list of the necessary details and elements. Of course, it would be better to purchase them immediately than then distracted from production because of the lack of a tool, a microschem or a detail to build a corps.

Arrangement of force with your hands.In the example, I suggest a sound-energy pattern on mobile phone transcripts:

  • Power: 2W.
  • Nutrition: 9B one polar.
  • Dynamics: 0, 5GD37, 8Om.
  • Required current: 25-30m.

Sound stackThen prepare the print. To download the printed sound-energy in a format. It will be a reliable basis for all attachments that will ensure correct, coherent work of the newly-successed force. For the new apparatus to act, it will be necessary to respect the correct polarity of all elements as well as the regulations governing their installation.

Don't forget the treatment of microschems, it doesn't take time. It'll be possible to collect the plug if the master can't burn the wiring. In order to avoid such a mishap, work in an atmosphere of calm, in no way rush, and perform the task as carefully as possible.

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