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Principle Of Sound Energy

символ - вакуумная радиолампаPower-driven principle Due to the mode of operation (inclusion) of transistors and subdivided into major classes: A, B, AB, C, D. Each class has certain advantages and disadvantages, which, to some extent, defines the scope of the transistors.

Power-driven modes In the " AB " and " B " class, the general disadvantages are the transitional distortions of the first order, which have the S, the model form, at the low level of the signal. The lower the signal, the more distortions. Such vigilators always want to be “killed” louder so as to feel the strength and dynamic of the musical work as fully as possible. Besides, Transistor operating regimes In the AB and B class, negative distortions of signals that extend to 11 garmonics and cause transistor sound phenomena.

Production from major classes.

There's a variety of A-A power plugs. At the same time, low voltage transistors work at "A" and high voltages are controlled by the input signal (Class B or AV). The filter of distortion is the power source of Class B or AB. The degree of distort depends on the difference in power of high voltage and low voltage transistors, and approximately 0.003 per cent. CAP of such forces It's much higher than in "A" class, but general distortions have garmonics of high order, which makes the sound of "student."

символ - полупроводниковый транзисторThe AA power forces have a very low level of distortion about 0.0005%, but the harmonic pattern is also high. The special bridge diagram connects the A-A tension escalator with a stabilizing current force.

Class A sound

In order to achieve the greatest possible quality of sounding, all power cascades shall operate in a single-tax mode of Class A, no more audible, alternative modes of transistor operation exist. The power of the booster and C.P.D. is not an indicator of sound quality.
On this ideological basis, a single-stroke hybrid powerer, Grimmi, is built.
The real notion of power and sound quality in a clean A class. Unbelievable universality of Grimmi. The tape (18 minutes) is made from the mobile phone (up 1.7gb) and down to 52mb, on Total Video Converter 3.5. But the sound, judge yourself.

Long-term experiments have led to the general view that powerful evaporative transcripts included by a single tactical power repeater control any AU (in acoustically complex spaces). ♪ ♪

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