Акустическая система Hi-fi

Acoustic Hi-Fi

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High-quality bulb sound frequency LEAK TL/12

Hi-Fi (angl) High Fidelity - High accuracy, high loyalty - a term which means that the sound reproduced by the machine is very close to the original.

The inscription " Hi-Fi " to a sound-producing machine means that it meets one of the following standards: DIN 45500 or IEC 60581. DIN 45500 was revoked by one part, another replaced by European IEC 60581, with minimum modifications repeated in GOST 24388-88 (for boosters) and GOST 23262-88 (for acoustic systems).

German Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) issued DIN 45500, which defines the following requirements for sound-producing equipment:

Methods for measuring these and other indicators are defined by the current DIN 45000 standard.

In defining the provisions of DIN 45500 for Hi-Fi sound-producing equipment, the following basic characteristics and their limit values can be identified:

For tuners[manage]

  • Non-linear distortion factor at 1 kHz, not more than - 0.5%;
  • Intermodal distortion factor - N/A;
  • Differences of channels in the 250-6300 Gz, not more than 3 dB;
  • Switch interference at 250-6300 Hz (6300-15000 Hz), not more than 26 dB (15 dB).

For surgeries[manage]

  • Non-linearity of HFCs within the range of reproducible frequency 40 - 16000 Hz - 1, 5 dB at the linear entrance (2 dB, subject to an adjustment);
  • The non-linear distortion factor in the range of reproduced frequency 40-12500 Hz, not more than 1 per cent.
  • Intermodal distortion in the reproduced frequency band 250-8000 Hz (also outside the strip, with a sound pressure reduction of 6 dB), not more than 3 per cent;
  • Channel parameters in reproduced frequency range, not more than 3 dB;
  • Transitional interference - N/A.

For acoustic systems[manage]

  • Non-linear flux ratio of reproduced frequency 250-1000 Hz (2000 Hz), not more than 3 per cent (1 per cent);
  • Difference of channels - N/A;

Often manufacturers of professional and quality sound-producing equipment in place of the standard, in the characteristics of the apparatus, indicate three main parameters, namely, CED, SUMM, non-linearity of APC. Power sound power The frequency of the standards is not determined.

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