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How Do You Make A Cologne Booster

Усилитель 4х22 ВтMany people would like to have an audio system 5.1 at home, but for the frequent price of such a force, it's pretty big. I'll tell you how easy it is not to get the 4th canal force for this system. When I was on the internet, I chose the most simple assembly and not the expensive power grower. That's the mounter on the very popular TDA 1558Q Sama ' s own microschem is already a ready 4th canal force of 11 Wt on the canal, but this power will be small to produce a quality and voluminous sound, so we'll connect it with the bridge method, just so we'll evaporate 2 channels and get the 2nd canal. power 22 Wt to the canal. So we take two microchems and eventually get 4x22 watts. If the micro-schems are individually touched, there is a simple connection, a low price and a sufficient power at a small single voltage, a protection against K.Z. overheating and not an accurate power connection. Failures: low CPA of about 50 per cent (High consumption and high heating even in idle mode) Also at the peak power, the sound cuts sharply and turns the crumb.
Now we'll go to the assembly and we'll get to know the scheme first. Усилитель 4х22 Вт

The diagram is very simple and meets in 10 to 15 minutes, its simplicity allows it to be stacked, it should also be recalled that the diagram has thermal characteristics of the cliff and requires a radiator of approximately 600 cm2 of the area and either open hull or forced cooling in the form of a fan.
That's the set of details I needed to collect the surgeon.

I used two diode bridges because I used a transformer with two similar lipsticks, usually enough one for 8 A.
Two circuits, three, five, were purchased separately for inclusion in the audio file of the computer.

Усилитель 4х22 Вт

Now I think we can move on to the power collector. I didn't have a ready power unit, and I had to collect it myself, and you're recommending that you do the same because not just find ready-to-charge PCs with the required power supply, because at 17 V, one microchem consumes around 3 and even when it's silent. Similarly, if the 14th contact is disconnected, the force will move to the " Sleeping mode " and the consumption will decrease to a couple of hundred mA
And so for starters, we'll find the necessary power transformer, then we'll be able to sleep the stubborn stubborn, but I'll tell you to take the ready-to-readed diode bridge. We'll take it and put it on a small radiator.

Then we'll get the capacitors.

Because I also needed to set up a transformer and for another device, I decided to separate the BP from the mounter.

Усилитель 4х22 Вт Усилитель 4х22 Вт Усилитель 4х22 Вт Усилитель 4х22 Вт
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