Аудиосистема для компьютера

Computer Audio System

- A set of devices to ensure that sound is reproduced, recorded and processed by PC. Incorporate audio-dapter (stariffs), acoustic system (length with NH, headphones), microphone.

Audio-Adapter is a daughter-in-chief that transforms digital data into analogue and back for the withdrawal/induction of sound through the PK.

Always has an exit to transmit the audible signal to the mounter and the sound signal entrance from the outside source to the PC for subsequent processing. Audio-adapters have several entrances and exits.

Audio-adapters differ:

(1) Digital input/output

(2) sound synthesis

(3) The existence/existence of a microschem of additional sound effects (formulation of sound, volume 3D sound, etc.)

The audio-systems of the PK can reproduce conventional audio-CD, but special more effective formats have been developed to store sound data in the PK. The most popular are MP3 and WMA. They allow 10 to 15 times more sound data on a CD-ROM than usual audio-disc.

Good sound can only be achieved by using a high-quality computer audio system, but it is even better to transmit the sound through the digital exit to a quality domestic plug and column.

Audio-decision standards: AC'97 and HD Audio An integrated audio-resolution in Intelnet system charges for desktop PCs is either AC'97 or Intel web Definition High Audio.

AC'97 AC'97 (reduced from Audio Codec '97) is the standard for audiocodees developed in Intel (Intel Architecture Labs) laboratories in 1997. This standard is used mainly in system charges, modems, audible maps and front panels. AC'97 supports the discontinuation frequency of 96 kHz with the use of a 20-dimensional stereo of authorization and 48 kHz using a 20-dimensional stereo for multi-channel recording and reproduction. In 2004, AC'97 was replaced by Intel web High Definition Audio (HD Audio).

HD Audio The high definition of Audio is based on a specification issued by Intel Corporation in 2004 that produces more channels with higher sound quality than was provided with integrated audio codes as AC'97. The HD Audio-based equipment supports 192 kHz/32-varietal sound quality in two-channel and 96 kHz/32-discharge in multi-channel modes (up to 8 channels).

Microsoft* Windows Vista supports only acoustic peripheral devices High Definition (such as front panel audios).

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