Усилок (Soundstream) и сабовая

Power And Saboteur

I sell or exchange Lada 21124, 1.6, 16 valves, Air Force 124 (89 l.s.), valves, zero, 2007. Colour is black.
Rib hydrous, Euro torpedo, front cross Grand (side support, leather boxes).
The BBC and the CPT are in excellent condition, the box was capitalized two months ago, a new clutch, as well as new brakes, soft and light braking, new ignition cables, replacement of all liquids and filters.
Just two months ago, the whole suspension changed in circles, bars, eggs, springs, etc.
There's a feedback alarm in the car, electrical circuits, glass panes, glass panders. There's good music, four pyoner columns, a magneto from sony, wires underneath. force and saboveer
Spider 4-1, car rides the beard, quietly and smoothly, runs very fast, even crickets.
With the suspension, the car on the track doesn't go anywhere, drives smoothly and obsessively, walks in the corners 80 km an hour, doesn't go anywhere.
For the past three months, he's been driving mainly on the Chilean regular roads.
The car didn't fight, the dtp was in early May, and Lenin was in the front left, and I got a headlamp, a wing, a bumper and a hood. Everything was changed and repaired.
There's a bunch of old masters left on the body, a couple of hints on the doors, but we can clean it up without paint and cats on the back bumper, and we can all see the pictures. Also a crack on the frontal glass.
The car was followed, traveled for a year, there was an insurance without restrictions, and more than 60,000 was invested to get to normal, after the old masters, but how many souls and forces were invested, lole.
In fact, you don't have to do anything with her, you sat down and go, and you're going to Moscow, and you've traveled a little over the last month, traveling 2,500 miles, there's no debris.
7, 5 litres, 6, 5 litres.
I'll give you the winter rubber, and if I want, there's a lithium, and I'll put a picture of the lithium in the lungs.
Auto's legally clean, all checks will pass. The price is 142,000 t., the right trade at the bonnet.
Exchange of right-hand Japanese.
Selling for either golf or cars is more powerful.
Telephone 8(904)304-8288. Call up to 23 hours or pee in the ls, online.
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