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JVC (Japan Victor Company Ltd.) (yap. der. constituent.肉 Nikhon Bitut:(TYO: 6792Japanese company, founded in 1927, which produces domestic, audio and video equipment, software and media products. She became known in the mid-1950s when she released the first mass television on the Japanese market. In 1976, a VHS video format was developed.

The company, known as Victor Company of Japan (later reduced to JVC), was founded in 1927 and originally was the Japanese branch of the American company Victor Talking Machine Company. The first output of JVC was radio and e-ray tubes.

The company was run by the American manager, Ben Gardner, and the product was exported to the United States, which was beneficial to both Americans, who had reduced costs, and to the Japanese side, which had been able to offer their employees a sufficiently high salary, resulting in the creation of a team of the most skilled professionals.

In 1930, the production in Yokohama begins with the production of audio players and gramplastics. Products used demand, and the company earned considerable profits grew rapidly. In 1932, the first production of radio receivers was launched, and by 1937 the creation of a super-getherone radio receiver was completed. The company conducted extensive research on radio and telecommunications, enabling the establishment of the first television model by 1939.

At the beginning of the Second World War, the demand for the company ' s radio equipment had increased, but by the end of the war, it had completely disappeared. After the war, Dr. Candziro Takanaga joined the company, which in 1926 was the world ' s first e-ray tube to have a picture. JVC experienced very difficult times, but many other companies were able to recover financial well-being in 1953, starting with the production of the LP gramples and putting their first serial television on the Japanese market. In 1957, JVC released the first full stereo system and in 1959, the world ' s first two-headed video machine. At this time, the company receives worldwide knowledge.

In the early 1960s, Sony, JVC and Panasonic jointly developed a video format for U-Format. Since 1966, JVC has been producing graphical evaliers, in 1970 the company developed a four-channel CD-4 technology.

VHS and VHSC VHSC videotape JVC 1976
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