3g-модема :: как сделать

How Do You Make A Modulator

3G модемы Билайн, МТС, МегафонToday, the coverage of the 3G signal by cell operators allows us to go online almost anywhere in the city, and even outside the city, is a daily reality.

Every computer or laptop can buy usb 3G, so wireless Internet is not unusual. What disappointment is that these benefits of technological progress cannot be realized.

Almost all users of the 3G Internet must have experienced this problem. Usually, this has to do with the insufficient coverage of the 3G signal by cell operators. It's not rare in the city, it's about villages or small settlements. Even with the stated coating of 3G may simply suck, and when the power to connect the wired Internet is removed, the options shall not remain, except for the installation of a 3g modem plug.

For example, even in Moscow, some villages are actually in the Dead Zone, where 3G is not covered. In such places, it is not worth a mobile Internet of acceptable quality: communication or downloading or speed is so small that comfortable surfing on the Internet is simply impossible.

Logic issues arise:

  • to strengthen 3G with your hands.
  • how to improve the 3G modem signal
  • how to increase the 3G modem signal
  • How to make the 3G Modem with his hands

and, preferably, without much money?

In most cases, a 3G Modem force is the way out of the situation, which you can do and put your hands on.

How to raise the 3G signal, we'll offer you some options below.

How to increase speed 3G modem


If you put a laptop with 3G modem on the window, get on the roof/worm, get on the street with it, the reception rate can increase by 10 to 15 per cent. We can still use usb - the modem is connected to the wire usb and hung out or placed on the mast outside the window, so the street is 3G mode. But this is often uncomfortable, and if the signal is weak in the room, it will be weak on the street.

Less of this way of increasing 3G signals
  • Low rate increase
  • You're tied to a certain (not always convenient) place.
  • Loss of signal power in the cables of usb when using the reliner
  • There is no way to improve the quality of the telephone connection, which is usually also " suffering "


This is the most common method, as large labour is not required and can be implemented in domestic conditions.

рефлектор 3G уличная антенна 3G

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