Портативные колонки с питанием

Column 5.1 For Computer


The multimedia acoustic 5.1-channel production systems of SVEN have always been distinguished against the background of " plastic " competitors with a pleasant classic " tree " design. The last leg of this family, the active 5.1-channel acoustic of SVEN IHOO T100U, is not an exception.

It should be noted that the IHOO T100U model is a direct descendant of IHOO T100, which in turn was developed on the basis of the IHOO MT 5.1 legendary system. From its predecessors, the T100U system inherited a successful acoustic scheme, a sensitive tuner, a visual display on the saboopher, and a convenient DU remote. At the same time, a number of new functionalities are present in the novels, with a focus on the tightening of black shades plus trees, as well as additional interfaces under Secure Digital (SD) and USB-cards for direct reading of audio content bypasses.

Today ' s material on the IHOO T100U model has been produced in the express test format, which means at least the lack of photographs of the " touching " of columns and blood flow details of their contents. Nevertheless, we will try to provide as much detail as possible on the images of the quality of the sounding system.

For starters, the traditional characteristics of the system declared by the manufacturer.

5.1. acoustic system SVEN IHOO T100U
End power (RMS)
Sabboufer: 50 W
Central column: 20 W
Front columns: 2x20 W
Truck columns: 2x20 W
Dynamic diameter
Sabvofer: 165 mm
Centre: 2 broadbands, 115 mm, 25 mm
Front: 2 broadbands 115 mm, 25 mm tweet
Broadband 115 mm
Application frequency range Sabboufer: 40-125 Hz
Satellites: 125-22 000 Hz
Shell material Driving Plato (MDF)
Magnetic screen, built FM tuner, DM remote
Entry Stereo: 2 x RCA
5.1: 6 x RCA
Diarrhoids Sabvofer: 200x410x350 mm
Central column: 400x150x140 mm
Front columns: 168 x300x220 mm
Truck columns: 150x180x150 mm
Weight of kit

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