Усилитель звука для наушников

Microscheme Head Restraint

Схема высококачественного усилителя для наушников на микросхемеStarting radios competition
My radio amateur design

Simple high-quality hull for microschem headphones with their hands

Competitive design
High-quality head restraint force TDA2003 "

Hello, dear friends and guests of the site!
I'll introduce you to the fifth competition for a new starter.
Design author: Morosa Igor Anatolyevich:

Спектральный анализ усилителяHello!

I suggest you look at my second design.

The stitch is taken from the Internet. There's a whole forum under this scheme. Most of the radio players took it positively. The radiator from Europe even made measurements confirming that the militant works in Class A. Rate of reinforcement = 18. This power seems to me above enough to any meloman. I thought I'd check it on myself.

Here's the basic circuit of one power cell:

I transmit the text on this assort from the European radio amateur:

Частотная характеристика усилителя" This very simple scheme is based on the TDA 2003 chip and provides excellent productivity equal to the best commercial projects worth hundreds of pounds.
The manufacturer ' s report for TDA2003 distorts a figure of 0.5 per cent at the outlet of 4, 5 W and a voltage rise factor of 100, but in this annex the voltage increase factor was reduced to 18 by increasing the total feed back, the ratio and output power decreases approximately 10 mW. As a result, the coefficient of harmonic distortions is reduced to 0.6 per cent, and very low. The arrival was set at this level to satisfy my headphones Sennheiser HD25SP, with the force ejected from a nominal source of 200 mV. 10k horny magazine may be used as a loudspeaker controller if necessary. The power cell may be increased to 18v, allowing a higher output power at the same level of distortion. This may be appropriate if less sensitive headphones are used.
Note that, in order to avoid the volatility of one point, the landing pattern should be used. The overall grounding point shall be as close as possible to contact 3, as possible.

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