Колонки Microlab M860

Buy Columns 5.1 For The Computer

Columns are certainly the necessary attributes of any PK. Without them, no ears. It's not a movie to see, it's not a skip to talk, it's not music to hear. But how do you choose the appropriate equipment and not sell?

Characteristics of sound equipment

For starters, it is necessary to determine their future assignments, which also defines the price range.

  • Devices can be used for amateur purposes, i.e. audio and internet interviews. In this case, the options for 250-500 roubles are relevant. The price segment is different, so it will be easy to choose.
  • If the equipment is destined for deep immersion in a film or the world of the game, Buy columns Sabbfer. This installation consists of several satellites responsible for the medium and high-ranking frequency and the gearbox is a sabvuffer. The latter, because of its cumbersomeness, can be placed under the table. There's a pattern 2.1, consisting of 2 satellites and one saboophere. They're much better at sounding music. Type 5.1 (e.g. Edifier M3500) and 7.1 refer to more professional equipment. They create a real cinema with all special effects and sound from the Surround series.
  • For melomans, we can recommend a pair of pulp columns. Users can be confident as the sound of options if their height starts from 25 cm and the price is from 1,000 roubles. Front strips on equipment usually 2, wooden hull. A good version of this series is Microlab B75.

The following parameters should be taken into account when choosing sound equipment:

  • Total power not less than 6 W It depends on the volume.
  • Noise and signal ratio at least 70 dB. Determines sound purity.
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