Встраиваемая акустика для

Installing Acoustic For Home Cinema

The quality of the built-in acoustics ensures the highest quality of sound in any interior while completely concealing the source of that sound. Modern solutions from the world ' s leading brands KEF, BowersWilkins, Dali, Klipsh, Jamo do not detract from the technical characteristics of the classic on-board acoustic, but provide a compact space for the ideal type of interior.

We have a built-in acoustic for a home cinema of 3,000 rubles, as well as popular solutions for sounding in the café interfaces widely used in Moscow.

What is the building acoustic and how does it work?

The building acoustic system is a set of columns that are hidden in the ceiling or walls or on the landscape of the countryside. The principle of work is very simple: instead of installing the device in your own hull, you are mounting a column in the wall or ceiling (almost as a point of light). We can buy a better building for the house, like a whole set of equipment. The main elements of the acoustic system are:

  • Directly, columns. We have ceilings, walls and landscape columns. There's a special kind of landscape acoustic, all-weather. It has a specially protected body that allows the device to be applied in winter cold, rain and other adverse weather conditions.
  • Sabbfer. Good. acoustic system It will be incomplete without a quality saboopher providing deep and saturated basses. Because the built Jamo acoustic and the acoustics of other brands are supplemented by saboophers designed to be mounted in a wall or ceiling.
  • Operators and equipment managers. The acoustic has a " central nervous node " submitted by the forcer, which can be signaled from different sources: from the AV-Resilier of the home cinema to the mobile device.
  • Communications. A special acoustic cable is used to connect the columns, which is also hidden under hypercocarton, walls, etc.

Why is acoustic being built much better than a classic system?

Встраиваемая акустика и встраиваемые колонки Встраиваемая акустика и встраиваемые колонки
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