Как работает ламповый

Lamp Ear Force

Принципиальная схема лампового усилителя для низкоомных наушниковPART 5

Closer to reality

In order to verify all of the above, a pilot copy of the force has been collected according to the following pattern:

The voltage is chosen to be 290-300 V. The VT1 tranche and the K1 relay shall be assembled to delay the audible voltage. Delay time is about 60 s. The supply of pumped circuits is normal. The subsequent measurements confirmed that more complex solutions were not appropriate (continuous pumping, permanent displacement, etc.)

No force is required. After heating the bulbs and inserting the K1 relay, it is not advisable to measure the high Voltmeter specified on the diagram. If they differ by more than 10 per cent, it is likely that they will have to replace the lamp.

The Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio was used to verify the mounter. The same sound map plus software generator (synus, 1,000 Hz) was used as the generator.

Sound scanner (the sound card is connected to the linear entrance of the map):

The total distortion factor does not exceed 0.3 per cent. The map noise is 130 dB, so the spectrogram is not visible. The amplitude of the signal at the outlet of the reference map is given to a value of 1B.

We're switching to the audible card instead of the sound card. The earphones are connected as a load to the silenor. Generator 1,000 Hz - disconnected:

Pic on the 100 Hz frequencies - 88 dBV - against AC current. The question arises, which is the cause. Pulsations of the anode voltage or the chain? The short-term deactivation of the K1 relay has clarified the essence of the case, with the peak cut off at 100 Hz. As the background of the AC in the headphones was not audited, it was decided to leave the C4 filter capacitor unladen.

Turn on the generator 1,000 Hz:

The value of the distortion factor shown in the figure was obtained by a certain number of lamps (new) from 1964-1966. The variation of the 1 V misstatement factor was approximately 0.3 per cent.

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