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Microphone To Buy

Catering range (B)


Harmony coefficient (%)

0, 1



Consumption flow, not more (mA)


Number of entrances (st)

Number of exits

Frequency (Hz)

20. ♪ ♪ 20000

Recommended operating temperature (°C)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight, not more (g)



40 g


K548H1A is specifically intended for use in a high-quality sound-producing machine. There's a low noise rate. Ratio of signal/noise 60 dB.

The mounter has the ability to work with any dynamic and electrret microphones. To this end, J1-J8 computer circuits are included in the scheme, which can select the required operating mode for the type of microphone. J1, J2 (J3, J4 for the right canal) is controlled by the power of the electric microphone, and J5, J6 (J7, J8 for the right channel) is enhanced.




What's required for the assembly

We're gonna need a screened wire, a peanut, a plug.

Preparations for operation


Use the screened wire to connect the module, contacts 4 and 8, to the stereo inlet.

Truck 12B to contacts 5 and 7, respecting polarity.

You touch the finger of contact IN1 and IN2. The dynamic must be light.

Verification complete. Enjoy your operation.

Conditions of operation

Temperature -30C to +50C.

Relative humidity 20-80% without condensate.


Don't exceed the maximum allowable power of the module.

Don't confuse the polarity of the module.

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