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How To Collect A Sabvuffer Plug

схема самодельного сабвуфера в автоPurchase of a good escalator and a saboteur for a car can be worth a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you have at least initial knowledge of the electronics, you can do it with your hands. And the simplest version of the vehicle sabvuffer booster is a re-tested UML pattern TDA1562.

These are the specifications of the TDA1562 microchemicals:
Nutrition voltage - 8.18 p;
Net output value - 10A;
Tec in rest mode - 0, 15A;
Load resistance - 4 Om;
Output power, with harmonic coefficient
-0.3 per cent - 1 W
06% - 20 W
-0.5% - 55 W
-10% - 70 W
Voltage Rate - 26 dB
Reproduced frequency range 16...20000 Hz
Intake resistance - 10 km
TDA1562 - around 6th.

провода питания и конденсаторы самодельного сабвуфераThis microchem is a VHF with a volt-equipment, the essence of which is that when the sound signals are activated, the high output power is required for a short period of time and the rest of the time the output power remains small. Therefore, as long as the output power does not exceed 18W, the device functions as a normal NF with power from source 12B. When the output power exceeds 18W, the internal power voltage shall be increased in a short time by means of a converter consisting of vent capacitors. This solution allows for a load of high peak power with a standard supply of the vehicle network - 12B.

Contacts are linked through the transfer of microschems from the duty regime to the working and vice versa. The booster is not recommended to be connected to the saboves with built-in filters containing large receptacles. The TDA1562 Microschem is very sensitive to the power supply, so don't press over 18B. The force shall develop the output power of 70W at a load of 4Om at 15B power from a single polar source. детали на плате самодельного сабвуфера в автоUse the fat wires to mount the microchems, because there's a current consumption of 10 amper. This also applies to wires moving towards the sabvuffer dynamics, as even a slight increase in the line ' s resistance will result in power losses. Microsoft Self-propelled sabovere at least 500 cm2 shall be installed in the heat discharge. Metal hull or vehicle chassis may be used as a radiator. How can a 12-volt voucher from a computer PC be used for forced microschems. The sabvuffer's Corps is making enough thickness from the DVP - so there's no drifting and nipples. Outside, we put him on a soft cloth for vibration. Standard tulips and spring-loading pedals are used as disarms. Two lights are used to indicate the sabotage regimes. Green shows a 12V power supply on the diagram, while red signals overloads and protection in TDA1562
обдув усилителя сабвуфера кулером деревянный материал для корпуса самодельного сабвуфера изготовление каркаса для коробки саба сверлим отверстия для светодиодов
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