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Microphone Operator

In sound recordings, one of the most important processes is getting an optimal level of signal. It's a signal with maximum value and without distorting overloads. Sound recording, processing, transmission, sound reproduction is not easy without a key component - a good microphone derivator that will increase the power of acoustic microphone, leaving noise and suppression in the past. The signal will reach its source in accordance with all the parameters set.

While virtually all modern audio interfaces and michéshers have built-in militants, a separate microphone provider makes a better sound than an integrated rally. In addition, a good sponsor has its own character, which can be obtained under a specific microphone. It's particularly on top equipment.

The trainees are sold with bulbs and transistors. The first makes the sound of noble velvet and warmth. But they cost more than transistor analogs. In addition, hybrid and simulant precursors can be acquired. The equipment is also divided into so-called transparent and colouring sound. If you have to carry musical equipment with you, you'll have compact models.

Pre-energy may be selected with the following functional characteristics:

1. with a variety of access channels for the simultaneous connection of several microphones;
2. with low frequency sound cleaning by filter;
3. With phantom food, for the use of condensation microphones;
4. With a secular or small group;
5. With a built-in limiter or compressor: the limit will avoid overloading;
6. The presence of a phase switch is necessary if you intend to write from several microphones;
7. militants with built-in Equatier.

The selection of a bonus can be based on available equipment. For home studios, a universal device will be required, for serious sound recording studios, the engineer will pick up equipment based on the required characteristics.

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