Миниатюрный усилитель A1

Fiio Head Restraint

Усилитель для наушников FiiO A3Hour force

FiiO A1

2 290 roubles.

Portable hull force, 450 mW (16 Om), 16 hours, 91 x 56 x 13 mm, 96 g.

Hour force

FiiO A3

5,190 roubles.

Portable hull for headphones with an audio-based CAP with 24 bat/96 kHz via micro USB, 190 mWth (32 Om), CAP TI PCM5102, capacity of 1,400 mA zh, dimensions 56x97x13 mm, weight of 100 g.

Усилитель для наушников FiiO A1Hour force

FiiO Q1

6 090 rubs. / thing

PCM5102, entrances: micro-USB, exits: mini-jack, line mini-jack, coaxial, dimensions 79 x 49 x 21 mm, weight 78 g.

FiiO E10K

6,190 roubles.

Portable force for headphones in aluminium hull with analog volume regulator. Crossfeed and Bass Boost, reloading level of Gain. That's a great sound that's always with you!

Усилитель для наушников FiiO Q110 690 roubles.

Engineer for headphones with a micro-USB unit, CAP regime at the installation of a propeller, power 150 mV (300 Om), entrances 2 micro USB (for Fiio, USB (for PC), line RCA, dimensions 120 x 55 x 130 mm, weight 450 g.

FiiO K5

10 690 roubles.

Portable huller for headphones with built CAP, PCM5102, support DSD and 32 bat/96 kHz on USB, USB entrances, coaxial, line mini-jack, exits: linear, headphones, operating time 11 hours, OLED-dipples, dimensions 62 x 104 x 13 mm, weight 110 g.

11,690 roubles.

Portable booster/CAP/recharger for Android smartphones, CAP Burr-Brown PCM1798, support 24/96, universal USB, battery 3500 mW, dimensions 66x15x130 mm, weight of 162 g.

13,790 rubles / thing

Portable head restraint420 mW (16 Om), entrance 3, 5 mm mini-jacks, operating time 20 hours, dimensions 124 x 66 x 15 mm, weight 166 g.

Усилитель для наушников FiiO E10K Усилитель для наушников FiiO E12 MONT BLANC Усилитель для наушников FiiO K5 Усилитель для наушников FiiO E17K ALPEN-2
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