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Dynamic Microphone

Предусилитель для микрофона на одном транзистореMicrophone operator, he's a pre-energy, he's a type of escalator whose purpose is to increase the weak signal to the linear level (some 0, 5-1, 5 volts), i.e. to an acceptable value in which the normals operate. sound power.

The primary source of acoustic signals for the pre-energy is usually the audibles of vinyl plates, microphones, audibles of various musical instruments. The following are several options for a microphone pre-energy.

Simple microphone derivator diagram on one tranzist

This scheme works with both electrodynamic and electric microphones.

Dynamic microphones are similar to loudspeakers. The acoustic wave has an impact on the membrane and its acoustic coil. At the time of fluctuation of the membrane, an electrical current shall be formed in a roller under the magnetic field of the permanent magnetic field.

The work of the electric microphones is based on the possibilities of certain high-density (electricity) materials to change surface charging due to acoustic wave. This type of microphone differs from dynamic high input resistance.

When using an electric microphone, a resistance R1 is required to change the microphone voltage.

When using an electrodynamic microphone, its resistance shall be between 200 and 600 Om. The C1 condenser shall be set to 10 mqf. If it's an electrolytic condenser, it's got to be connected to the transistor.

The food is from the crown battery or from a stabilized power source. It's better for the battery to avoid noise. A bipolar transistor BC547 can be replaced by a domestic CT3102. Electrical capacitors at 16 volts. In order to prevent interference, the power-trainer shall be connected to the signal source and to the inlet of the booster by a screened wire. If there is a need for further strong sounding, a 15-wheeler on the TDA2030 microschema may be assembled.

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