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Class A Head Restraint


Final sound obtained from the latest OPPO technologies

The analogue audio-part of the HA-1 booster has a completely balanced design, with a focus on the provision of audio signals in an analogue directly after the CAP exit. HA-1 includes a large thoroid transformer, and linear diet stabilizers and condenser filters guarantee that the booster has a net power source with a large energy supply. Total balance head restraint Class A, consists of selected multiple discrete components to ensure symmetry, and a precision motorized controller allows manual and remote control, while keeping sound in a pure analog audio trajectory.

High-quality components HA-1 OPPO

1. Main controller and USB audio payment of signal transmission

2. numerical audio entrance fees and inlets with insulated contact

3. Outlet buffer and on-call balance sheet XLR, RCA, amber

4. Airbag input

5. Class A power force for headphones with total discontinuous design

6. Analogue motorized mitiometer (voice regulator)

7. ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018, source switch and signal extension control

8. Linear power cell with toroide transformer and condenser with unique design

headphone-amplifier-ha-1_AppSS1.png9. Catering system

Class A

The Class A booster controls the signal throughout the range of the input signal period. The outlet tranzistors receive a shift to work within their highest linearity. When crossing zero, there is no distortion caused by the switching of the signal between two two tactics. The HA-1 mounting cycle for headphones is class A and is performed on diskette tranches. The specific design allows for the exact selection of the fine HA-1 assembly parts.

headphone-amplifier-ha-1_AppSS2.pngFull balance design

The internal tract of the analog audio signal at NA-1 is completely balanced. The digital audio signal runs in balance sheets throughout the period from CAP to the weekends. The balance analogue entrance remains intact and the non-symmetrical entrance is converted into a balance sheet in the inlet buffer. All non-symmetrical entrances are also derived from the balance sheet. The balancing structure gives better control of general type interference and improves the quality of the signal.headphone-amplifier-ha-1_AppIcon.png The airbag output provides a double voltage and a non-symmetrical input, allowing HA-1 to sound at the most demanding ends. It also ensures a better separation of channels by eliminating the common path through land.

Toroide power source

The thoroid power transformer provides an excellent CPA and much lower external magnetic fields than traditional transformers with a rattled steel heart. The HA-1 thoroid linear transformer provides very clean and reliable food for audio-components.

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