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Classical Musical Instruments

3,570 rubles.

Internet store:
Moscow St. Petersburg Catherineburg

Classic guitars

The best choice for a starter guitar is a classic six-strong guitar. Buyers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities will find a fairly wide range of these popular musical instruments, over 170 entries on the POP-MUSIC Internet store. The guaranteed quality of tools, the competent vendor consultants, flexible price policies, convenient forms of payment, the possibility of dislocation, delivery throughout Russia and the existence of self-export points in major cities are our advantages. If you're looking for a place to buy a classic guitar, look at our store.

Classic guitar characteristics

Current market musical instruments Numerous guitar varieties are represented, but the oldest story is classic, which today plays both the stage and the backyard. Classic guitar has a number of specific features:

  • Classical form of the resonant opening, two swelling parts, sometimes with a cut;
  • the opening normally does not contain a protective plate typical of ;
  • Griff is wide, in most models only 18 lads;
  • in a classic six-strong guitar, synthetic, usually neural. Its design does not involve the use of metal lines. They're mostly thumbs, less nails, mediator.

Professional classic guitars are made from a whole tree: lips, eel, clay. If you want to save and buy a cheap instrument, remember that the low price comes from a laminate. It would be harder to get away with such a good-quality tool.

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