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Portable Head Restraint

"Don't stop and try a new one: a bit about Lehmannaudio's history.
We continue to talk about the history of the various High-End brands, and in turn, after a brief story about the Penaudio company on our list of German brand Lehmannaudio.
Now Lehmannaudio is the first-class company with a rich history, but how it all started, and how the product gained respect for the melomans, we'll tell you in this article.
Founder and company
Norbert Lemann's been into music since his childhood, playing guitar in a group. When Norbert was 14, his family moved to a big house. Parents allowed children to choose furniture in their own rooms for their budget. After the acquisition of furniture, Norbert had a small amount of money he spent on his first audio system from Rank Arena. The system had a relatively good column and Lenco 75.
Since then, Norbert has started to get into the sound. With their group, they were recorded on " mobile " tapes using low-cost, but appropriate electric condensation microphones. He's been growing up, he's been making noise.
At the university, Norbert first encountered professional equipment, the recorder Sony PCM-F1 and the processor Sony PCM-501, which he later upgraded. He's been working on live speeches during his studies, and later he's got an audio-tech on the radio station.
Lehmannaudio was registered in 1988. Norbert released small batches of fountainers, and in 1994, after completing his training, he presented his first analo-digital rapist.
" During my research as an audio-engineer, I have learned my first important experience: listening to music through two different escalators with the same technical characteristics. The sound was different. On this basis, I concluded that the reasons for the sound quality are deeper.
Everything depends on the details of the schemes and the components used. I started experimenting with filling, and I started building my own devices, which have always been of the highest quality. Since then, my passion and desire to transmit the perpetual sound has been burned.”
Professor Johann Matthews (Johann N. Matthes) - Alban Berg quartet producer had a major influence on Norbert. At the University of Dusseldorf, the professor was showing the difference between digital and analog hosts. Analogic vinyl plates were markedly successful in digital CDs, which were very poor at the time (in the mid-1980s).

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