Сабвуфер, усилитель

Sabvofer Militant

Сабвуфер усилитель и конденсаторSabbfer's a surgeon and a condenser is a mandatory trio without which it is impossible to imagine a quality acoustic system in the vehicle. Just a condenser. sabovere and booster I don't know what's worth.
From this publication, the reader will find out what the advantages of each of the individual components are trio, how to select a combination of them and the best way we see to fit in the car.


The saboteur or bass is called a low frequency dynamics, basss. The design of the bass is such that the sound of the bottom is deep and juicy. The installation of a sab is also important, an operation that is trusted by specialists.


The bases are divided into two types:

  • Passives that do not imply a built-in surgeon and filter. They require connections with an additional forcer;

Types of bass boxes

Схема подключения усилителя, сабвуфера и конденсатораThe following are different types:

  • The most popular is the type of AN box or a closed box. It is a sealed box that favours most buyers because of the relative simplicity of design and construction;
  • At least FP or phaser. These boxes have recently been distributed through computer software applications.
    FI is unique in helping to reproduce low frequencies. In this case, the box somehow becomes a source of sound. The FI of the hull will produce more beans at less power than the OV;
  • Isobaric design representing the hull where two emitters are not installed. They are identical and operate as one dynamic;
  • Bandpass box is popular with professionals. Represents a body consisting of two chambers.ФИ короб One of the cameras is completely sealed, the other is made as FP. This design provides a very good low strike.


A lot of people call auto-condenser batteries with a high impact. Yeah, it's big because the condenser's capacity is often comparable to that of a whole world.
Схема установки конденсатора, усилителя, сабвуфера Basic capacitor:

  • Protects against tensile stress;
  • Removes interference and pulses.

How to choose

Acoustic condenser. Why do you need a condenser for auto-acoustics today? The perfect option would be the use of the gold rule: 1 Farad equals 1 kilowat.

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