Комплект. Сабвуфер, усилитель

Abvufer Compact

A month ago, I was acquired by a kit:
- Alpine SBE-1243BR
- SPL Z2X-520
- Condenser Mystery MCD-10
Total cost 10,000 p.
The day before yesterday, a set of Supra wires, 690r.

Yesterday, about 17 hours ago, I decided to connect all this beauty. Naive, I thought I'd run till tonight. All work was done in the yard, so there's no garage.

I decided to start pulling wires from the ACB. The first problem was getting a wire from the salon to the engine compartment. It was very simple to have a drilled hole under the alarm wire. The opening was slightly enlarged and rigged by the thumb, but it had to remove the signals for time. It's the same as usual - the wire's full, and the ACB's in the chauffeur. In addition, a safety device was installed in the engine compartment (fo attached).
There was an unexpected evening here (21:00) and a battery died at the portable lighter. The work was suspended until the next day.

Day two. Started at 3:00.
Turned the magnetol to connect the wire. I did. It had to be a little carried away so that the wires from the magnetol to the driver ' s door threshold could be carefully pulled from the ACB.
I thought it'd be easier now, because it's a little left.

While I pulled the wire under the doorsteps and took it to the trunk, I remembered my eight, where I did it in 30 minutes. It's not enough that the thresholds and the stitching of all the latches that break, so the wires are attached to special slaughter. While I was doing this, I hated it, but when I was done, I was surprised that everything was done so well and that the wires I pulled would not be crushed or overwhelmed.

Another small shuttle was searching for a place to enter the trunk. If the seat's off, it's got to be a little tricky downstairs.

Yay! I got the wire!

Only now a new ambush: the wires are short. And the package that I sold was already assembled, and the force is not on the side I need. Got it. sabovere with the force and the condenser home. At home, in a calm environment, everything is cleaned up and reassembled. And it turns out you shouldn't. The wires were cloaked.

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