Выходная мощность усилителя

Cup For Headphones

FiiO E17, the most medicocombine I've considered in one of my previous reviews has fully met my requirements for a good sound, and some of his characteristics have even been superfluous for me, like a battery. On the basis of the review, in the portable segment, I decided to give preference to a separate diaper (which is still selected) in lieu of a telephone + FiiO E17. The last one was sold and a stationary CAP arrived at his place and FiiO head restraint E10 OLYMPUS, which I will report in this review.

FiiO E10 characteristics:

  • End power: 150 mW (32 Om)
  • Surface resistance: 16 Om - 300 Om
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Frequency and discharge of signal outlet: 96 kHz / 24 Bats (Maxim)
  • Nutrition: Only through USB port
  • Dimensions: 79 x 49 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 82 g

Packaging and kit

FiiO E10 is placed in a small box made of aluminium.
Inside of which we detect a device that is located on a barhattan posture.
Delivery from the box is the ensemble and the post itself detects the remaining set: USB-cabel, operating instructions and eight rubber legs which are adhesive to the lower surface of the device, thereby protecting it from scratch and causing it to resist.
As you can see, the set is minimal, but it's enough for the normal operation of the device.

External type and management elements

The shell is entirely composed of auded black aluminium and its dimensions are comparable to the match box. Upstairs, a simple trafaret print, a firm name and a model of the device. By the word, all the inscriptions in this device are made with a trafarite print, but after six months of operation, there is no small hint of their washing.
The face is marked by a volume adjustment ring, a device performance indicator, a 3.5 millimetre blower for headphones and a bass reinforcement switch.
On the back, USB-Water, linear and S-PDIF exit.
Lower (low/high) switch from the activation factor to the bottom.
Great design! Black aluminium hull, compact size and good quality of assembly, which is still necessary for full happiness?

Internal, elementary

Apparat is handled with four rifles on the back of the device.
Remove the cover and pull the fee, pre-removal the volume adjustment wheel. Completely dismantled:
The device is based on the WM8740 CAP in conjunction with TE7022 (USB) AD8397+AD8692.

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