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This article is intended for starters or people without experience, as the device in question is quite simple and does not require any training. People who are more or less advanced here don't seem to find anything interesting.

Despite the simplicity, the motto sounds pretty good, and it adds great, so if there's a wish to do something. with your hands.Don't waste a week, welcome. If you just need a headphone plug, go and buy it. It'll be cheaper and easier.

As many developers, I like to work in the headphones. This creates the necessary barrier between brains and conversations/telephone/pr. of office noise. Not long ago, I bought myself a relatively good headphone AKG 272 HD, and I'm putting them in SB Audigy 2. The sound picture is generally admirable and rejoicing, but there is one point in listening to not very modern music, music not affected by loudspeaking wars, and composions that do not suffer from painous compression and overgrazing, the sound loudness is not enough, even if it is maximised. This is probably related to the sensitivity of the dynamics used.

To solve this question, I decided to spend a free evening setting up a small ear force.
Such devices are not rare, and they are quite expensive at the cost of $15, most of them made in China. Such a purchase seems to me personally (a) non-portive and (b) difficult to predict sound quality. What's inside the $20 box can only be found after it's received, and what kind of chip is marked with a purple audio, it's gonna be a mystery for ever. You know, walking around local stores and listening to different models is banal lazy and miserable.

I didn't make any special demands on the device, the main points are:
  • stereo;
  • external feeding to keep the batteries safe;
  • Moderate dimensions;
  • The sound quality is higher than the sound quality (recognising that listening in the headphones makes no sense);
  • Simple scheme.

These requirements correspond to a thousand times verified CMoy Pocket Amplifier. There are quite a number of English-language resources on the Internet to review the scheme and the details of its work. Russian-speaking information isn't much.

Under some exceptional headphones and audible map, this pattern may not be appropriate, but normal “extraffic” equipment is well suited.

The original diagram uses a relatively qualitative (and rather expensive) Burr-Brown OPA132, which, among other things, is quite a river in our regions, but there are a number of alternatives (referencing to testing at the end of the article) so it can be boldly collected. Other rare or expensive parts are not used in the scheme.

The outline of the device is presented in Figure. 1. I mean, there's a feeding scheme and half the reinforcement scheme on one channel.
Rhys. 1. Catering and one canal

As you can see, the pattern is very simple. Without the wisdom of the torch, we'll split the fee as we can, under the size of the details. I made it as shown in rice. 2.

I'm gonna point out the device I've been collecting from what was under the hand--- the recipes of 0.5 W 5 per cent, the high voltage film, the big electrolytes. There was no small box under my hand, so I didn't shy in size. If you want, you can do it every three times less.

Rhys. 2. Printing quotations

Now, we're gonna get the details on the bags or the store.

Useful advice for the first time:

  • Don't forget to buy a microschem panel in the dip 8 hull (and, accordingly, buy a microchem in this hull). The piano needs to be able to change the microschems and pick them up for hearing, and it's not gonna be possible to overheat it with a pineapple.
  • Residors will go 0.25W. The better, but no fanaticism;
  • electrolytic condensers take 35V and above;
  • If you're making a light-blower, don't forget the holder that matches the diameter.

It is now possible to proceed directly to manufacture.
Any convenient way to make a fee. I used LUT, I already have experience and a great battle duck:
Rhys. 3. Utugou
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