Василий К. Акустика. СПб

Apple Acoustics

B&W PanoramaBUT PANORAMA is an ambient sound from one column!
Thanks to the high resolution and other new technologies of flat screens, we're used to the fact that the image is becoming clearer and more life-long. The built-in dynamics of LCD and plasma TVs are unable to transfer all the wealth of the sound paths of films. So, even with the world's best image, we only get half the impressions. Panorama's acoustic fills this gap by supplementing your TV with a real multi-channel, theatrical surrounding sound. Thanks to the Panorama system, you feel the power and wealth of sound with great detail. In other words, your TV will sound as great as it does.

BW WM6 black, white

Cost per pair

B&W WM6 black,whiteType: all-weather monitors
Manufacturer: B inputW
Series: WM
Country: England
Type of shell: open
Colour: black, white
Diabritical dimensions (HS*H): 300 x 210 x 243 mm
Weight: 4 kg


Sold straight. A high-quality zincow anchorage is intended for the wall-strength of the acoustic systems of Bose web. Creage allows regulation acoustic systemboth vertically and horizontally, which will allow the sound in the right direction.

JAMO I/O 3S Black,WhiteColour Black/White/Silver

JAMO I/O 3S Black, White

Jamo I/O 3S all-weather acoustic system.
Half-round, two-way,
RMS/MAX power: 40/80 W
88 dB response, frequency range 55-20000 Hz,
color is white, black.

JAMO Indoor/outdoor 1A2 Black, White

Jamo Indoor/outdoor 1A2 all-weather acoustic, 2 stripes, 20-40 wattt. The color is black.

The price for the thing.

JBL K2 S5800


Three-stop K2 series acoustic system (2 x 12'NH Dynamics, 300W)

Despite the fact that JBL has recently been characterized mainly by its budgetary development, there are also magnificent acoustic systems such as K2 S5800, acoustics capable of squeezing many of the modern high End columns.

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