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The Acoustic System Is

The selection of acoustic systems for a home or studio is usually a difficult process. Key factors are: price, external performance and five to ten specifications. Add to this reading of the comparative review in any publication. Actually, it's not that simple.

Basic principle of modern sound recording and reproduction systems

At the current stage, it can be noted that sound recordings and mirrors are not only hierarchical but also technological. If we saw microphones as a device for transforming acoustic changes to the analog signal, it would certainly be noted that the main types of change are electrodynamic and electrostatic.

Microphones are the first element in sound recordings, acoustic systems are the last in reproduction and use the same two types of transformation. This can be found in any "parallel" elements of modern sound tracts. For example, at the analo-digit level, it is the ACP (data-digital converter) for recording and the CAP (digital-analogue converter) for reproduction. Of course, as you understand, there are also differences expressed on the specificity of a structural element. For acoustic systems, it is particularly important to understand, because it is in them that we are confronted with a number of issues of linear sound signal display in the acoustic space, and a constructive AU is more complex than microphones.

Main characteristics of the AU

The concept of acoustic systems means an entire class of devices based on one or more transformers of altering the analogue signal of sound pressure changes (acoustic variations) in the air environment. As is the case, we will look at a few key types of loudspeakers in the modern industry a little later.

The AC is the last sound-producing circuit. They can be separated by purpose (studio monitors, headlines (earphones) Household acoustic systems, transmission systems, etc.), modes of transformation (electronic, electrostatic), by type of radiation (direct radiation and stream), by energy consumption, frequency range, design features, etc.

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