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Selling The Sabvuffer

Nissan Cube
240,000 p.
Year of issue: 2002
Break: 191,000 km.
Engine type: petrol injector
Volume: 1 l.
CAT: Variator
Introduction: front transmission
Type of body: minivan
Colour: silver
Ring: Right
Status: not beaten or accidental
Place of sale:
Antilock System (ABS)
air conditioning
Sabvofer combined salon rim
Dark salon
Nissan Cube BZ11 2002 in Variator. Rouling gear shift. GBO has been set up. The pillows, the GUR, the electric cart, the air conditioner. CLICK. A jurkin, a maneuvering car. It's almost everything! The zinc body doesn't rust. I'll give you a link to all the drama work. The price consists of the following: four wheels of winter, stips, on the 1st 14-dimensional radius of 4-wheel-wheel-wheel-wheel, Japan Monza Warwic Sports, new, 2din heads, four columns, sab, televisions in head restraints, a night-washing camera, a rear-view monitor, a park, The salon of the exocodus of nanocuriki. The oil doesn't eat and it's true. All the boilers are visible in photos other than the right front wing, not in control, the contract wing is in color. The oil was just a synthetic, repaired for itself. A lot of investments have been made, so the debris will not bother you. The car is worth its money. The price is specified without 16 wheels, music, head restraints. With the dope of the equipment and the Japanese carpet 290. I'll leave everything for exchange.
Exchange: equal, cheaper
I'll look into the foreign exchange options. Chrysler PT Cruiser, Skoda Roomster, BMW, Mersedes
Contact information
Telephone: +8
#Auto-Celabinskg #Set the Cheelabinsk

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