Выбор акустической системы

Selection Of Acoustic System

Do you plan to repair your house or do you want to completely change the outdated sound source on your novels in the acoustic, but do you not know what side of this question is? We're gonna try to help you solve the challenge of "how to pick up the acoustic."

In 90 per cent of modern repairs, the first place is the design of the premises. Virtually any acoustic manufacturer in his line suggests design models. Very often, design is placed before sound quality. It's got to be taken into account if you choose styl columns. But there are producers who do the utmost to preserve sound quality without damaging design. ASW is a special feature among these firms, offering SEMNATURE options for removing the columns in kind, which does not compromise sound quality. Another apologe of classic sound is the English firm BW, which, despite the appearance of the columns, always seeks not to undermine sound quality. The most important example of this approach is the FPM series.

Any designer will assess the saboopher size a little more football, looking like it's made of a whole bunch of aluminium. An American firm is another user of designers without compromising sound quality. Boseproducing virtually invisible columns of the size of Rubica, but in quality, which do not yield much water columns

Also, not the last factor on the subject of acoustics is the marking of the space in which you want to accommodate it. A sufficient power is 1 W x 1 m2. It's a comfort level of volume, but columns shouldn't work at critical volumes. Standard power of front columns 100 W.

The basic characteristics that should interest the buyer in the question of acoustics:

· Power

A parameter showing the volume of columns with the same current out of the forcer. The higher the sensitivity, the columns play louder with the same plug.

· Number of lanes
In theory, the human ear can be heard from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with one dynamics unable to reproduce the entire range of heard frequencies, so the columns have several dynamic lanes: low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency. But it's ideal. In practice, dynamics can be two, for example, low-medium, high-frequency and four: two low-frequency, medium-frequency, high-frequency. We note that inventive thinking knows no boundaries: like columns. Mcintosh to 110 dynamics.

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