и подключение акустики

Acoustic Connection

Колонка B&W 686== sync, corrected by elderman == @elder_man

Small-size columns are usually cheap, but they can sound very good. Competitive dimensions of the shell, with the right calculation, enable them to form an excellent stereoscen. With smaller sizes, the design of such columns is more rigid than that of the AU, which means that the sound colour will be minimal. Small-diameter bases are better equipped to reproduce the vocal than large NF dynamics of the napists. Of course, the plumbing columns have their flaws, and now we'll learn to minimize them.

BOW supplys a two-sewer for its 686-model phaser: set it when the columns are located close to the wall, and remove them from their free supply. If you want to connect the AU on a bi-wiring scheme, take off the photos of the intersections. If you're planning to use the four-mm bananas to connect the columns, the plastic boxes in the nests need to be removed.

Capacity and sensitivity

In contrast to the prevailing view, compact acoustics require a full flow of substantial underwater capacity. It's about the sensitivity of columns that rarely exceed 85 dB, and that's not much.

Therefore, the decision to use for a full acoustics powerful forcer Looks quite logical. Unfortunately, here you will face the fundamental laws of physics that will not be on your side. If you turn around with a loudspeaker like Merry Christmas Everybody Slade, the compact columns will be very intense. The whole point is that the bass dynamics have to move the air to create a sound pressure, and you'll see his diffusor is trying to do it by moving with a big amplide. However, because of the limited size, it's bad for such a bass.

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